Roman Clarkson

“Beget” a Handmade Violin


– to produce especially as an effect or outgrowth

Merriam Webster

This handmade violin has a warm bright sound. “Beget” responds well when playing quiet or loud. I chose beget as the name for this violin because this violin represents the outgrowth of the previous violins. I finally settled into my work and the craft with much more confidence. This design is the predecessor to “Verity”. You will see “Verity” has no corners; also called guitar style body. This has the same dimensions and the feel is very similar. If you want a traditional shape, I don’t think you will go wrong with this violin.

This violin was played in two quality check sessions for me. The violin sounded good in the first session. There wasn’t much we wanted to change in the setup. I decided to trim the bridge a little, the pegs got a little more soap/chalk and burnishing. The second session for this violin really filled up the room with an inviting warm sound. The longer the violinist played the more dynamics I could hear. Of course, the violinist got more familiar with it. The performance showed off the dynamics. I would like to hear what you can do with this violin. Book a Session to try it out.

The finish is a spirit varnish. The color is a combination of red, brown and yellow. The englemann spruce is naturally dark. The color and the spruce creates a nice finish darker red/brown finish. The back has shows more yellow; I don’t want to call it orange. It’s more of yellow/brown/red.

The mensur is the standard length of 196mm.

It has the usual standard of red maple back and neck, an englemann spruce top, and ebony for the fingerboard and accessories.

Maker: Handmade violin by Roman Clarkson

Strings: Piastro Tonica (Gold Label E)

Bridge: Teller

Accessories: Metropolitan Music – Swiss Style with chinrest

Price: $2,300 Year: 2021

Serial: 21-1

Case: Includes a basic case from Metropolitan Music

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