Roman Clarkson

“Verity” a Handmade Violin


-the quality or state of being true or real

Merriam Webster

This violin sings under the ear. “Verity” can play from quiet to loud smoothly with more in reserves. I chose verity for the name of this violin because I was finally able to realize what I have been dreaming about making with intention. All aspects of this violin were designed and drafted by me. The top plate was selected for me by my tone wood dealer. Everything about this violin fell into place. I’m making more of these violins in 2022. If you miss this one, there is another chance for you in the near future.

The first two sessions with a guest perform was under two different string sets from different manufacturers. The sound changed to the strings. You could play with the sound of this violin for a long time just by changing strings over the years. The

It’s first guest player worked with me for two sessions to get the sound right. The first session was great. We both agreed it needed some work. So, I decided to cut a new bridge and added a little more graphene to the nut. The tuning pegs got a little more soap/chalk and burnishing. New strings, too. This violin showed up for second session. The combination of setup and player familiarity really set this loose.

The finish is a spirit varnish. The color is a combination of red, brown and yellow. The ground color and spruce creates a nice suede leather with a red/brown finish. In the light, the flame is very present. It really wants to be looked at.

The length is 360mm long, I know some say “that’s too long!”. I keep the mensur at the standard length of 196mm for standard playability. The after string length is a little long but “Verity” plays good with it.

It has the usual standard of red maple back and neck, red spruce top, and ebony for the fingerboard and accessories.

Maker: Handmade violin by Roman Clarkson

Strings: Piastro Tonica (Gold Label E)

Bridge: Teller

Accessories: Metropolitan Music – Swiss Style with chinrest

Price: $2,300 Year: 2021

Serial: 21-3

Case: Includes a basic case from Metropolitan Music

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