Roman Clarkson

Two Vs in a pod

These two are the designs I am using for 2022. There will be five made. I do commissions if you want to reserve a traditional or guitar body style. I’m making them all guitar body styles if I have no commissions for a traditional shape.

So many projects, so good

Yes, per usual there are violins on the work bench. The main difference is the banjo neck. I don’t do much instrument work for others but it’s a family instrument. So, do the best I can and learn something new, which I am.

Bass bar in progress

It’s so cool to experience the tonal changes that occur when shaping a fitted bass bar. It’s kinda magical to hear the variances. The bass bar, for me, is the last tuning variable on the top. The shape definitely influences the sound and structure.

Top plates go fast, for like a hot minute

Then they come to a screeching halt. I get so focused on cutting the arches and hollowing I forget I still have to do the F holes and then bass bars. I’m thinking “it’s so much easier than maple” and then it I’m thinking “yeah, f holes and bass bars.” It’s all good and all […]

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

I’ve learned I prefer to have more checkpoints and pass each of them instead of going too far and then having to go way back. Basically, measure three times and cut once. At this stage, I’m marking out the top plate.

Even wood workers need metal hammers

Someone designed and cut me a brass hammer head based on a suggestion. Yes! What a turn out. An old wood wheel spoke, which is in good shape, was used as the handle. I don’t use it all the time but every chance I can, I will.

The scroll begins to show

I have my own style of scrolls. I feel like my style is more Brescian and less Cremona. I want my scrolls to suggest a sheet of music rolled up transforming into a peg box, neck then shoulder. Besides, I don’t do direct copies, so I have room for some of my own style. View […]

A new f hole

Every time I work on f holes I have to sit back and stare at them. I work on my f-holes in about three sessions. The one thing I don’t want to do is cut away too much because I lost focus. No, I prefer roughing it in, cleaning it up, and then adding some […]

Violin Making Journey – Reminiscing when my old violins where new

I was showing off some old pics of my violin making journey and this one really stood out. I remember when these violins were keeping me super busy. In the picture, I have a neck being set and three violins being varnished. It was a super cool and learning time. It’s amazing to think, “I […]