Roman Clarkson

“Devotion” a Handmade Violin


– the act of dedicating something to a cause, enterprise, or activity

– the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal

Merriam Webster

This violin sounds good. I think “Devotion” could easily be a player favorite. The violin really needs an active violinist to work it in and make it shine for themselves. This violin is my first work where I felt like I arrived. It’s not a perfect violin but I can see my f-holes finally become my own style, the purfling is set well and I started to really feel my scroll design being solidified. This really is the foundation instrument on my forward progress as a violin maker.

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The finish is a spirit varnish. The color is a combination of red, brown and yellow. The ground color and spruce creates a nice suede leather with a red/brown finish. In the light, the flame is very present. It really wants to be looked at.

It has the usual standard of red maple back and neck, red spruce top, and ebony for the fingerboard and accessories.

Maker: Handmade violin by Roman Clarkson

Strings: Piastro Tonica (Gold Label E)

Bridge: Teller

Accessories: Metropolitan Music – Swiss Style with chinrest

Price: $1,700 Year: 2020

Serial: 20-7

Case: Includes a basic case from Metropolitan Music

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