Roman Clarkson

Fun with wood shavings

Thousands and thousands of little wood shavings. Every now and then I have to stop to look at the shavings. This stuff makes great wood tinder. It also makes for cool pictures. There is a magical thing that happens when an artist takes away something from raw material to create something new. Violin making is […]

Preparing violin ribs

I finished preparing violin ribs by shaving maple wood down to 1.2 mm thick. Learning to thinning wood to a veneer thickness with hand tools was tough. I am finally feeling like I got the hang of it; I can still tell I have more room from growth. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about […]

Noble Strings is now on Etsy

It’s official. I now have an online shop at Etsy. As of now, you can contact me directly and procure locally with a private playing session or buy direct online. The description, costs are the same. I have free shipping on direct sales and on Etsy. If you want to try a violin before buying […]

Wilkanowski “cira 1947 #1456”

Fiddle Year: 1947 Materials: Back MapleTop: SpruceNeck: Maple Finish: Spirit Varnish Dimensions: Body length: 363 (13 7/8″)Bouts: 164, 112, 302Ribs: 29.5 all roundString length: 330Stop: 194 Notes: This is a follow up to the Dimpled Viola.  The sides on that instrument reminded me of reptile skin and that inspired me to try make something that […]

Pointy Objects – Fingers Beware

Finished sharpening my chisels and gouges. Prepping for some purfling channel work. One of the most used tool(s) on a violin makers workbench are chisels and gouges. Gouges more than chisels for me. And they all need to be razor sharp. Sharp like, whoops there goes the end of a finger. Hopefully not, but they […]

Skeleton Mold

The skeleton mold is a steady and true mold for me. I got the inspiration from Andrew Carruthers. After reading and researching his methods and my propensity to do things my way, I used this mold for several models. I love it. So much easier to clean up the inside of the ribs before popping […]

Varnishing – A hanging trio in the white

A few violins in the white are ready for varnishing. Things are getting serious. I love the look of future instruments just waiting to be played. Right now the scariest time for me in the violin making process is varnishing. It’s a mix of alchemy and experience. The first is elusive and there are more […]